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Taekwondo School

Discover Your Child's Full Potential With ksport Taekwondo Academy
Ksport Taekwondo Academy is a top rated sport taekwondo school located in Clearwater, FL. We offer programs in kids taekwondo, teen taekwondo, adult taekwondo and fitness kickboxing.
Home of State, National and International Medalists
2400sqft World-Class Taekwondo Center
Verified 5-Star Rated Taekwondo School
Certified Black Belts Under World Taekwondo
The pathway to becoming a champion in sport and in life begins here
Welcome to Ksport Taekwondo Academy, Tampa Bay's premier olympic taekwondo school located in the beautiful city of Clearwater. From world-class black belt athletes, to recreational elementary students, developing teenagers, and stay at home moms. People look to our program to help discover their Inner Athlete.

Our program is built on an Athlete First approach coupled with a World-Class training environment to give every person thats walks through our doors a pathway to becoming a Champion in Sport and in Life.

Taekwondo for Kids

Youth Sport Taekwondo Program Designed for All Levels Ages 5-11

Taekwondo for Teens

Junior Sport Taekwondo Program Designed for All Levels Ages 12+

Athlete Development Competiton Program

Long-Term Development  Program Designed for National Level Competitive Success

High Performing Athlete Competition Program

Long-Term Development Program Designed for International Level Competitive Success
5-Star Reviews and Testimonials

What Our Members Are Saying 

Great place for all ages with elite level Taekwondo classes!
Very clean and organized taekwondo school. A great place for all ages with elite level Taekwondo classes. High intensity adult kick boxing class feels very friendly with coach Kody having great patience for each individual.
Jaime Homb
Verified Google Review
He is clearly dedicated to the sport and works extremely well with students of all ages and levels!
Kody is a fantastic coach. He is clearly dedicated to the sport and works extremely well with students of all ages and levels. He demonstrates patience and cares about each person individually. In addition to helping progress his student’s athletics and pushing them to perform their best, he instills good morals and values. The taekwondo school is kept clean and he is always welcoming.
Angelina Navarro
Verified Google Review
His dedication and love for what he does truly shows!
He is one of the best coaches I have seen, his dedication and love for what he does truly shows. He is always attentive to what the kids need and what is best for them. It’s a great place for them to learn discipline and have fun at the same time. He is a professional and the taekwondo center is always very clean.
Jeanette Moreno
Verified Google Review
The Ksport Difference
free trial class
Have Questions?

Our Most Frequently Asked Questions Answered

How do I Claim my special intro offer?

We have a limited amount of special intro offers that we may give out but the fastest way to grab your special offer before they run out is to CLICK HERE.

In addition, you may always call or text us at 727-888-1980 and we will answer any questions you may have about our programs and what we offer.

May Parents Stay to Watch classes?

We encourage parents to stick around and watch their child during training at the Taekwondo school. We love having our parents staying involved but we DO NOT ALLOW parent coaching from the sidelines. Watching training helps parents understand the training structure, techniques and even how to help their child continue their additional training outside of the Taekwondo school. Your kids will love that you are showing interest in their activities and will appreciate your willingness to support. As they say, “It takes a village!”

What is a Taekwondo School Called?

The Korean terminology for a Taekwondo School is Dojang. Not to be confused with Japanese which is Dojo which is used in Karate.

Are there Advanced Classes and Beginner Classes?

We do not split our athletes by rank but by age range. We have our kids taekwondo program for ages 6-12 and we have our teens taekwondo program for ages 12 and up. Our first in class programming and curriculum allows all of our athletes of the same rank to train together.