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Ksport Taekwondo Academy is a top rated Olympic taekwondo school located in Clearwater, FL offering Taekwondo for Kids, Taekwondo for Teens, High School Varsity Taekwondo Letter Program, National Competition Team, Adult Fitness Kickboxing, After School Program, and Summer Camp.

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Taekwondo for Kids

Youth sport taekwondo program designed for ages 6-11

Taekwondo for Teens

Junior sport taekwondo program designed for ages 12+

Taekwondo Varsity letter program

AAU taekwondo letter program for high school athletes

Adult Fitness Kickboxing

Group fitness kickboxing designed for ages 14+

Establishing the highest standards for athletic achievement and personal development...

Welcome to Ksport Taekwondo Academy, the Tampa Bay areas premier Olympic Taekwondo school located in the beautiful city of Clearwater. From world-class black belt athletes, to recreational elementary students, developing teenagers, and stay at home parents. The community looks to our program to help them discover their inner athlete.

Our programs are built with an athlete-first approach coupled with a world-class training environment to provide every person that walks through our doors a pathway to becoming a champion not only in sport but in life.

A few words from

Coach Kodylee Karm

I am Kodylee Karm, Owner/Head Coach at Ksport Taekwondo Academy.

As a martial arts instructor with extensive experience in Olympic Taekwondo coaching kids & teens just like yours, nothing is more fulfilling than seeing their personal growth and success on and off the mat.

Our Taekwondo school is much more than punching, kicking, or winning a gold medal at a national championship. It is about the journey of personal development; mentally and physically.

What makes our taekwondo school different is our approach to development utilizing martial arts and competitive sport to develop essential life skills. Instilling healthy lifestyle choices and providing a positive social circle, both of which are extremely important in today’s youth.

Through every training session, your child or teen will have fun as well as be challenged to help them grow physically and also mentally to foster positive long-term growth. Developing their work ethic, discipline, grit, character, perseverance, self-confidence, and respect.

So please have a look below or feel free to contact us to see how you and your kids can benefit from Kspot Taekwondo Academy.

– Coach Kodylee

Now enrolling for our after school program for the 23-24" school year. Limited spaces!

Benefits include FREE transportation from school, daily fitness and martial arts classes, character development, homework assistance, a safe structured environment, and much more!

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What our amazing members are saying

5-star Reviews & testimonials

  • He is clearly dedicated to the sport and works extremely well with students of all ages and levels.

    Kody is a fantastic coach. He is clearly dedicated to the sport and works extremely well with students of all ages and levels. He demonstrates patience and cares about each person individually. In addition to helping progress his student’s athletics and pushing them to perform their best, he instills good morals and values. The facility is kept clean and he is always welcoming.

    Angelina Navarro

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  • He pushes you to your limit and motivates you to go one step further!

    Coach Kody is positive and committed. Each workout is completely different so I’m never bored which keeps me coming for more. He pushes you to your limit and motivates you to go one step further!

    Adriana Martinez

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  • Very fun for all ages with lots of dedication towards students.

    Amazing coach and has excellent training. He is patient and loves what he does. Very fun for all ages with lots of dedication towards students. Best of the Best

    Ana Albareda

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  • My son has improved tremendously since he joined Ksport.

    My son has improved tremendously since he joined Ksport. Coach Kody is very professional and attentive to every kid. I absolutely recommend this Dojang.

    Nardine Suwaida

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  • The quality of the equipment, the safety, and the Coach's dedication to each of the students is exceptional.

    I enlisted my grandson for the classes and he has grown and learned so much. The quality of the equipment, the safety, and the Coach's dedication to each of the students is exceptional. My grandson participated in his first competition and did extremely well. I will recommend Coach Kody to anyone. Extremely professional.

    Linda Santiago

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  • High intensity fitness kickboxing class feels very friendly with Coach Kody having great patience for each individual!

    Very clean and organized taekwondo school. A great place for all ages with elite level Taekwondo classes. High intensity adult fitness kickboxing class feels very friendly with coach Kody having great patience for each individual.

    Jaime Homb

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After school program

Clearwater after school program for grades k-8

Summer camp program

Clearwater summer camp program for grades k-8

Taekwondo competition teams

sport taekwondo program for competitive athletes

Developing the next generation

The ksport difference

Discover the exceptional advantages that set our Olympic Taekwondo program apart from the competition. We pride ourselves on offering an unparalleled experience that blends world-class training with holistic development, ensuring your child's or teen's growth on and off the mat. Experience the Ksport difference for 4 weeks free.

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"a gold medal does not make a champion, the hard work and sacrifice does"

Developing the next generation of taekwondo athletes

Sport taekwondo development programs

2023 Sparring State Champions
2023 Sparring National Champions

Have questions about our taekwondo school or programs we offer?

You will find answers to some of our most common questions parents and families just like you have before enrolling their child or teen with Ksport Taekwondo Academy.

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Absolutely not. The vast majority of the new students that enroll in our Taekwondo school have zero experience. All new students will begin their TKD journey in our Foundations program, learning the most fundamental (and most important) aspects of this amazing Olympic sport.

We have specific training days that focus on level 1 beginner which is white belt to orange belt and our level 2&3 training day that focuses on green belt to black belt. In addition, we split up our training days by age with our mini-Olympians for 3-5 years old, kids taekwondo for ages 6-11 and our teen taekwondo for ages 12 & up.

Of course! Make no mistake, we are a legitimate Olympic Taekwondo school and we produce legitimate athletes. Our Taekwondo school has a strong history of competing in sport Taekwondo at the state, national and international level and you’ll have ample opportunities to do so if that interests you. Every year there are at least half-a-dozen TKD events and tournaments throughout Florida that our team participates in. Athletes that are more interested in competing may move into our athlete development pathway program (ADP) which helps athletes hone and develop their skills to win at the local or state level. Athletes that would like to compete at a world-class level such as the Taekwondo National Championships or at the International level would be invited and selected to join the high-performing athlete pathway (HPAP) program.

The Korean terminology for a Taekwondo School is Dojang. Not to be confused with Japanese which is Dojo which is used in Karate.

We encourage parents to stick around and watch their child during training at the Taekwondo school. We love having our parents stay involved but we DO NOT ALLOW parent coaching from the sidelines. We have a parent lounge area where parents may relax, get some work done or watch the class on our flatscreen. Watching training helps parents understand the training structure, techniques, and even how to help their child continue their additional training outside of the Taekwondo school. Your kids will love that you are showing interest in their activities and will appreciate your willingness to support them. As they say, “It takes a village!”

We have a limited amount of special intro offers that we may give out but the fastest way to grab your special offer before they run out is to fill out our contact form on the page and our team will get back to you asap.

In addition, you may always call or text us at 727-888-1980 and we will answer any questions you may have about our programs and what we offer.

Now enrolling for our 2023-24' after school program

Ksport Kids after school program provides a variety of activities that will keep your child physically and mentally engaged all school year long! No previous martial arts or sports experience is required...Just a positive attitude :)

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