female kicking heavy bad during fitness kickboxing class

Fitness kickboxing

Fun, high-energy fitness kickboxing classes

Our Clearwater Fitness Kickboxing program offers an exciting and effective full-body workout that's perfect for anyone who wants to shred body fat, tone up muscle mass, and melt away stress.

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Reach your fitness goals

Break past barriers and achieve your fitness goals with our group fitness kickboxing

If you’re wanting to develop lean muscle tone, dramatically improve your cardiovascular health, and drop excess fat without boring gym workouts or contact, fitness kickboxing program is your best option.

Our fitness kickboxing classes are not gimmicky workouts. Every single class is taught by a coach who has real fighting experience. The only difference between these classes and regular kickboxing classes is that these classes are purely designed for improving your fitness and physique, not contact sparring.

Best of all, you don’t need any experience to get started and if you want, we’ll even start you off with a Free 1-1 Private Intro so you can learn the basics by yourself with zero intimidation factor.

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High energy & motivating workout

5-star Reviews & testimonials

  • High intensity fitness kickboxing class feels very friendly with Coach Kody having great patience for each individual!

    Very clean and organized taekwondo school. A great place for all ages with elite level Taekwondo classes. High intensity adult fitness kickboxing class feels very friendly with coach Kody having great patience for each individual.

    Jaime Homb

    Verified review from Google

  • I would recommend this to anyone looking for a fun workout!

    It’s a friendly environment and a great coach that motivates everyone that goes to do there best! I would recommend this to anyone looking for a fun workout.

    Tatsia Cortes

    Verified review from Google

  • He pushes you to your limit and motivates you to go one step further!

    Coach Kody is positive and committed. Each workout is completely different so I’m never bored which keeps me coming for more. He pushes you to your limit and motivates you to go one step further!

    Adriana Martinez

    Verified review from Google

Raise your level

Benefits you can expect from joining our fitness kickboxing program

Discover what you’re made of on our mats. Our fitness kickboxing classes will have your blood pumping from start to finish. They’re designed to challenge you to be the strongest version of yourself.
  • Energy & positivity

    Being a physically active person will increase your metabolism and energy levels all day long, helping you to get more done at work and at home.

  • Fitness enjoyment

    Life is too short for boring workouts at a crowded globo gym. Our fitness kickboxing classes keep things fresh and are a blast to participate in.

  • Learn to throw a punch

    The primary objective of our Fitness Kickboxing program isn’t to turn you into a fighter, but we are going to teach you legitimate kickboxing skills.

  • Increased athleticism

    Our kickboxing members are using muscles they didn’t even know they had, and as a result, they are becoming faster, stronger, and a lot more fit.

  • Certified coaching

    Our coaches aren’t powder-puffs and they aren’t here to teach you a bunch of fluff. They're experienced competitors with over 20 years of training.

  • Better looking body

    It’s pretty simple; those who train consistently in our Fitness Kickboxing classes are becoming more confident and seeing amazing results.

  • Community and support

    We’re all connected through this fitness journey, and are here to see each other succeed! Your coaches and fellow members are in your corner.

  • Individualized coaching

    We help progress or regress each drill and skill to your individual level of ability and experience. Gradual improvements over time to level up.

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  • Full body warm up

    We start each session with a dynamic 5-minute warmup that consists of ladder drills, hurdles, jump rope, or jogging that helps raise your core temperature. Followed by full-body movements that help loosen up the joints, stretch out tight muscles, and prime the body for the workout.

  • Heavy bag work

    Our heavy bag rounds consist of 4 - 3 minute rounds with a 60-second break in between rounds. Each round will consist of punches, kicks, elbows, and knees put into combinations ranging from 2 to 6 techniques. These rounds will help develop speed, power, accuracy, and body control while elevating your heart rate and burning calories.

  • Floor strength & conditioning

    Our floor rounds consist of 4 - 3 minute rounds with a 60-second break in between rounds. Each round will incorporate different methods to help you build strength, power, and cardio. You will utilize power block dumbells, kettlebells, jump boxes, bumper plates, slam balls, jump rope, ladders, benches, slant boards and more!

  • Core & cool down

    We end each session depending on the WOD (workout of the day) with a core finisher to help you develop those strong abs of steel. Followed by some mobility and stretching to lengthen the muscles, flush out any lactic acid and help start the recovery process for tomorrows workout.

  • female kicking heavy bad during fitness kickboxing class
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Frequently asked questions

Have questions about our fitness kickboxing program we offer?

You will find answers to some of our most common questions new members just like you have before enrolling into our adult fitness kickboxing program.

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Don’t worry, everyone has to start somewhere! Our coaches are well-versed in working with people at all levels of fitness and skill. With such a close-knit group everyone feels welcome and empowers each other to do their best. If you’re super nervous about going out for your first time, we can definitely set up a private intro workout to get some fundamentals under your belt and build some confidence before your first fitness kickboxing class.

Since you will be punching and kicking a heavy bag, you will need to protect your hands with boxing gloves and quick wraps. We also recommend slip-on gel protectors for the ankles and feet. Feel free to bring your own or we have a pair of gloves available for purchase at the gym. Wear loose-fitting, comfortable gym clothes. We guarantee you’re going to sweat. Therefore, shorts will probably be a good option. No need for tennis shoes as we train barefoot. Please bring a towel and you will definitely need a bottle of water.

That would be a big NOPE. Fitness Kickboxing classes are primarily focused on just that, FITNESS. The goal here is to get you in amazing shape; not turn you into the next Ultimate Fighter. Now don’t misunderstand, you will learn REAL kickboxing from a REAL kickboxing coach, but you’ll only throw strikes at a heavy bag; never at each other.

Our class structure consists of 9 total rounds with 1 warm-up round, 4-heavy bag rounds, 4-floor strength rounds, and 1 core and cool-down round. In addition to using real kickboxing techniques and real kickboxing combinations on your bag, our coaches implement kettlebells, dumbbells, bodyweight movements, slam balls, and more to keep classes varied and fun. The curriculum rotates daily to ensure that you never have the same workout two days in a row.

Our Fitness Kickboxing classes are as hard or easy as you choose to make them. We’re going to give you a workout that has the capability to push you to your physical limit, but you don’t have to follow that narrative. All of our members are able to scale their workouts to a level of difficulty that fits their personal level of skill and fitness and you can take a break any time you need. While our coaches are here to motivate you and hold you accountable, we’re not going to force or pressure you into doing anything that makes you uncomfortable. Because of the close nature of our gym, the Fitness Kickboxing coaches know all of their members and know what they are and are not capable of. As long as you’re doing your best, that’s all we can ask for.

Since everyone has their own heavy bag or floor station, each member trains at their own pace which allows you to scale intensity or level. This allows our classes to be open for all fitness levels to be able to train effectively at the same time whether it is your first workout or 100th. Workout levels are dependent on how hard you choose to push yourself. Our workouts may be progressed or regressed upon each individual to help push each member to their desired results.

Our fitness kickboxing program is a co-ed program suited for anyone who is as young as the age of 14 to be able to join the program and be able to train effectively.